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We launched the Social Enterprise Accelerator in the 2012-13 academic year.  It started as a side project of James Intriligator and Chris Hillier.   In that first year we worked with a range of students (undergrad and postgrad – from psychology and business). And, we basically made it up as we went along:  informed by our many years in business, marketing, and experiential education. 

The programme went very well – thanks to the help of the students and loads of people from the community.   In 2013-14 we ran the programme again - with the kind support of Bangor's world-leading specialist business support services (SBBS). However for a variety of reasons, we had to stop the programme in January. 

We look forward to re-launching the programme in the next academic year.  Stay tuned – or, please get in touch (see the contacts page).

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